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Issue 5 - 2016
Issue 5 - 2016

When it comes to celebrating Christmas, the Scandinavians know how to do it right. From candlelit Sankta Lucia processions through picturesque towns to proper pine trees, you can’t help but be swept up in the festivities when visiting the region – and that includes indulging in a spot of Christmas shopping.
If you do venture out to Advent markets, boutiques and department stores, these exquisite modern decorations are an essential purchase. Bought as a gift or as an elegant addition to your own annual Christmas tree, they represent the best of the modern, minimalist Scandinavian design that has become so popular the world over.
“Scandinavian decorations are made from a wide range of materials,” says Lucy Paterson, the owner of The Scandinavian Shop, which has been selling Nordic handicrafts in the UK since the 1970s. “Ceramic ones are very popular at the moment, but you can also find them made from brass, copper,
felt and wood.”
Describing the New Nordic style as “a combination of innovative new design with an appreciation of traditional materials and techniques”, Lucy notes that “established companies in Scandinavia are often able to keep their looks fresh by experimenting with modern materials, without forgetting what they do best. They seem to be equally proud of their traditions and new ideas.”
It’s something that’s echoed in many Scandinavian homes, where the most unusual and innovative new decorations are often mixed with old family favourites in the more traditional forms of angels, elves, moose and leaves. An eclectic mix of old style and modern is all part of the look – after all, many precious ornaments tell their own story and have been passed down through the generations.
No excuse then, not to add to your collection – and if you can stock up on tree decorations while sipping a glass of wonderful, hot, spicy glögg, then it all adds up to an extremely enjoyable experience.


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