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Questions of taste

Issue 7 - 2017

With Scott Dunn’s Flying Chefs experience you can have a top chef cook for you and your guests without leaving the comfort of your luxury Scott Dunn ski chalet. Here one of the six culinary masters taking part – TV presenter and chef Monica Galetti – reveals her travel tales and holiday essentials

Island Paradise

I was born in a small village called Faatoia on Samoa. My earliest memories are of foraging around the plantation where we lived, collecting eggs and picking mangoes. I’d also get into trouble for climbing up the cocoa tree. Growing up on a tropical island was like living on a small paradise, but I don’t often go back now – it’s so far away.


My Perfect Getaway

I go on a proper family holiday with my husband and daughter once a year. At the moment, we’re loving Greece, especially Crete, but we’re happy anywhere with good food and warm weather. I’d love to go back with my daughter to Giraffe Manor near Nairobi, where I filmed an episode of [BBC2 TV show] Amazing Hotels.


My Favourite City

Melbourne is a special place for me. It has great food markets with wonderful ingredients, especially seafood. There’s something called the Moreton Bay bug, which is a bit like a crayfish – meaty and delicious.


Taste of the sea

I miss the sea grapes – an amazing kind of seaweed – that we had when I was child. You eat them raw like seafood and they taste a bit spicy.


My Next Trip

I’m desperate to get out to Japan. I’d love to be there in spring when all the beautiful blossom comes out – it’s just so stunning.


Foodie Finds

Whenever I travel for work I always bring back a souvenir for my daughter – something unique to that country. It could be a toy giraffe from Kenya or a camel from Morocco. I always bring back spices and, from Greece, olive oil and tapenade for my staff.


Always in my suitcase

I take my own chilli sauce everywhere with me – Marie Sharp’s Green Habanero Pepper Hot Sauce. I can go without it if I have to, but after a while I crave it... Whenever I work with Giles [Coren, her co-presenter on Amazing Hotels] he always asks me if I have it with me. I also miss a kind of chocolate biscuit from New Zealand called Toffee Pops – I have people bring them back for me if I haven’t been for a while, along with proper New Zealand Marmite. It’s so much better!


Childhood journeys

I never had family holidays growing up. We had a tough upbringing, so for us a holiday was going to stay at our cousin’s house in Eastbourne [in New Zealand], eating ice-cream, jumping off the pier and playing on the beach. When I was older, we moved from Samoa to New Zealand. We had a house right on the ocean in Breaker Bay outside Wellington. When you live there, you take that kind of thing for granted, but now that I’m back in London I realise how lucky I was.


Hidden Gem

I visited Fogo Island in Newfoundland, Canada, last year. At first it seems as if there’s nothing there, but underneath it all, you discover all these amazing people from the fishing community who come together and keep the community going. The Fogo Island Inn (pictured, right) there is an amazing place and the way they source food with local farmers is beautiful. Really idyllic.


Beauty Essentials

I can’t go anywhere without hand cream, moisturiser and lip balm – Palmer’s Cocoa Butter or the tinted one by Vaseline.


Fiona Bruce
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